Employer Liability Insurance
The business owner's career guarantee
Protect employees from death, disability and medical expenses caused by accidents and
occupational diseases
What is Employer Liability Insurance?
Employers liability insurance coverage by the insurance companies hire employees in the process of employment, the work in the associated with the specified in the policy of the business by accident or as stipulated by the state related to the business of management of occupational disease, injury, damage or death, caused by the insured enterprises in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China shall bear the medical expenses and economic liability to pay compensation to the insurance company as agreed in the insurance policy is responsible for compensation. The policy-holder of employer responsibility insurance and be insured person are enterprise, include all sorts of enterprises and institutions inside Chinese territory (do not contain Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), government orgnaization, social group to wait, the employee is to point to with ginseng protect an enterprise to exist labor relation (include fact labor relation) the on-the-job employee of all sorts of employment form. From the perspective of employer's rights and interests, this product provides a good risk solution for the employer to effectively transfer the risk of legal liability to employees.
Why employer liability insurance?
Law, the enterprise must work for accident injury or occupational disease worker to perform the liability for compensation, and rules of inductrial injury of inductrial injury accident compensation standard to improve, enterprises purchase employers liability insurance is effective on the insured risks, maintain the normal order of production and business operation, ensure the realization of the insured's liability to pay compensation, to ensure the economic interests of the employees compensation.
Contrast with Group life insurance
Employer Liability Insurance Contrast Group life insurance
Employer The insured employee
Accident during work or occupational illness caused by work, and accident protection during non-work can be extended; Security content Accidents in the course of daily work and life do not include occupational disease protection
Employer The beneficiary The employee himself or his designated beneficiary
Insured Liability
(1)In the working hours and in the workplace, because of the work of the accident injury;
(2)In the workplace before and after working hours, engaged in work related preparatory or
         finishing work by accident injury;
(3)During working hours and in the workplace, he/she suffers from violence and other
         accidental injuries due to the performance of his/her duties;
(4)Be diagnosed and identified as occupational disease;
(5)If he is injured or his whereabouts are unknown due to work-related reasons during his
         absence from work;
(6)Being injured by traffic and accidents on the way to and from work;
(7)Died of sudden illness during working hours and at work or died within 48 hours after being
(8)Other circumstances that shall be determined as work-related injuries in accordance with
         the provisions of laws and administrative regulations。
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