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What Is The US FMC?
According to the Federal Maritime Commission regulations, companies that issue bills of lading in the United States to engage in non-vessel-operated freight operations in and out of US ports must apply to the Federal Maritime Commission in advance and obtain US NVOCC qualifications. At present, more than 1,000 overseas companies (non-U.S. Local companies) have successfully applied for qualifications, signed contract prices with local shipping companies, and independently sent declaration information such as AMS / ISF.
Why Get FMC?
1. Legally and compliantly engage in U.S. NVOCC operations, issue bills of lading for shippers, and improve the operating capabilities of the US line business
2. Enterprises do not need to go through shipping agency or generation, and can directly conduct business with shipowners and American freight forwarding.
3. Through the freight rate information, the enterprise can directly inquire with the shipowner to purchase the optimal price and sell it again.
4. Develop charter business with potential shippers.
5. Issue a bill of lading or equivalent document.
6. Leasing containers.
7. With a 24-hour declaration service system to submit AMS / ISF, etc., the time is more controllable and flexible.
8. Save costs and increase profits. From the original declaration by the shipowner or the first-level freight forwarding manifest: $ 25 / article --- $ 40 / article, converted to self-declaration: Cheng
The price is about $ 1 /, and it can be declared for other NVOCCs.
9. Keep track of cargo declaration, customs clearance status, and cargo information at any time.
What Are The Service Contents?
Our Advantage
Provide one-stop service
Follow-up training, consultation, and assistance in appealing to the customs for reductions and exemptions are included
Excellent rates, tailor-made, free of charge to provide the most professional and comprehensive FMC related consulting services
Provide professional handling of ISF, Canadian ACI and Japanese AFR
Simple application procedure and favorable price
All service providers are recognized by FMC including insurance companies and technology platforms that issue BOND
Convenient settlement of all expenses
Achieve language accessibility
We guarantee: provide customers with detailed and comprehensive product introductions, customize appropriate protection schemes for you, 24-hour customer service, and provide pre-sales, after-sales and claims services throughout the process
Cooperation Brand
Full claims service
Claiming is no longer a problem
13 years + insurance services
Professional and reliable
Consulting, insurance, security,
One-stop service for one person
Support online price comparison
Provide competitive pricing
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