The gospel of corporate customs guarantees--Tariff Guarantee Insurance
"Customs clearance first, tax later" guarantee insurance, let enterprises experience the customs clearance experience
of "low cost + high efficiency"
Navigator is the first insurance brokerage company to issue policy
Provide 24- hour consulting services
Applicate situation
Exported equipment needs to be returned to China for repair before re-export
Parallel-import car
Enterprises that pay a large
amount of tariffs
Imported exhibitions, auctioned artifacts
Other goods approved by the customs
Product advantages
Low Cost
Reduce the cost of guarantees, avoid the pressure on funds caused by the payment of customs deposits, increase the turnover rate of funds, and reduce the burden on enterprises.
The application threshold is low, the quota approval is fast, saving customs clearance time, and improving the efficiency of pickup.
Claim Fast
Trigger an insurance claim, and the insurance company will make up for taxes and other expenses within 5 days.
Wide Coverage
It is suitable for small and medium- sized enterprises that are approved by the customs for import enterprises, insufficient bank credit lines or insufficient funding for their deposits.
Insurance process
assist customer organize insurance material quotation by many insurer choose the best insurance plan Assist customer to complete the application other free assistance
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