Transport operators liability insurance
Cover the risk of international Transport operator’s liability
Insurance rate as low as 0.1%
Insurance coverage up to RMB 1,000,000-RMB2,000,000
What is Transport operator's liability insurance?
Transport operator's liability insurance refers to the insurance that the insured and his agent accept the entrustment of the client as an international cargo transport agent, and provide the international cargo transport agency business services, resulting in the loss of the client, which shall be borne by the insured according to law Financial liability, the insurer is responsible for compensation within the agreed liability limits in accordance with the provisions of this insurance contract.
international freight forwarder
Cargo liability
Third party liability
Errors and omissions
(no delivery of bill of lading, no man / delayed bill of lading)
Liability for loss or damage to the goods (including common average, delayed delivery, customs duties and costs of continuation of goods);;
Liabilities due to negligence, errors or omissions, including but not limited to: delivery without a bill of lading , no one picking up the goods , wrong documentation, government customs fines , wrong delivery, wrong shipping, etc
Liability to third parties, including property damage and personal injury to third parties;
Warehouse management responsibility
Claim costs
Lot of choice of insurance companies
Flexible customization
Global service network
English translate assistance
during the whole process
Convenient claim,
clear items and quotations
Compared with similar products in the market
And any other activities arising out of the assured’s duties as a Transport operators happening during the period of insurance and causes by an occurrence within the Territorial limits stated in the policy
Full claims service
Claiming is no longer a problem
13 years + insurance services
Professional and reliable
Consulting, insurance, security,
One-stop service for one person
Support online price comparison
Provide competitive pricing
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