Cargo Insurance
Our Sepecialties:
- Low rate starting from 0.03% without deduction on general cargo
- Waiver of subrogation to freight forwarder
- One-stop insure application

Over 10 years in business
All over China including
export and import
Business Partner:
over 6000 Arilines and
top-rated insurers China
Fully Coverage on All Risks
Provide all customized solutions by cooperating with top-rated insurers
Low rate
Cheaper than Global marketing price, super low deduction, waiver of subrogation to freight forwarder
Custom Service
24-hour online application
Available Electronic Policy Copy
Assured customer service
One-on-one claim assistance
General cargo insurance
Fragile product insurance
precision instrument insurance
Transshipment insurance
Refrigerated transport insurance
Overseas general transportation insurance
Cooperation brand
Connected with Top 4 China P&C Insurers, Quick order, Efficient claims
China Life
We provide one-stop platform that meets all the different needs from our clients
Full claims service
Claiming is no longer a problem
13 years + insurance services
Professional and reliable
Consulting, insurance, security,
One-stop service for one person
Support online price comparison
Provide competitive pricing
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