Cargo Insurance
Premium rate starting from 0.03%, No deductible for general cargo.
With a few clicks,you can get your cargo insurance in
just a few simple steps through our online service.
Service shipping
>10 years
Service area
China & the United States
Partner airline
Multiple choice
Full coverage of international, domestic, land and sea air transportation
Low price
Low cost, high guarantee, many famous brands can be chosen
24-hour online insurance,
30-minute order policy
Assured customer service
One-on-one assistance in claim
settlement and full tracking service
As many kinds of goods are transported, as many kinds of insurance are provided
Low cost, high coverage, more convenient, and can also be customized
General cargo insurance
Fragile product insurance
precision instrument insurance
Transshipment insurance
Refrigerated transport insurance
Overseas general transportation insurance
Cooperation brand
Connected with Top 4 China P&C Insurers, Quick order, Efficient claims
China Life
We are a nationwide, professional cargo insurance platform
Online insurance
Full claims service
Claiming is no longer a problem
13 years + insurance services
Professional and reliable
Consulting, insurance, security,
One-stop service for one person
Support online price comparison
Provide competitive pricing
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