Logistics Liability Insurance
Logistic Liability insurances have been designed as a legal liability insurance for the transport and logistics industries.
What is logistics liability insurance?
The logistics liability insurance underwrites the insured's economic compensation liability for the losses of logistics goods caused by the reasons specified in the insurance policy in the course of operating the logistics business. This product is applicable to all kinds of enterprises operating logistics business within the territory of the People's Republic of China. This product provides an effective risk solution for logistics enterprises in all aspects (including transportation, storage, handling, packaging, circulation processing and distribution, etc.) to compensate for the damage of goods.
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Typical cover for logistics operators
1.In the course of operating logistics business, the insured shall be liable for economic
compensation according to law for the loss of the goods itself caused by the following reasons:
      (1).Fire and explosion;
      (2).The means of transport collides, derails, capsize, falls, runs aground, hits rocks or sinks;
      (3).Collapse of tunnels, Bridges and piers;
      (4).Damage of packaging or container caused by collision or extrusion;
      (5).Being exposed to rain in accordance with the regulations of safe transportation;
      (6).Loading, unloading and handling in violation of the operating rules。

2.If, after the occurrence of an insured event, the insured is subject to arbitration or litigation due to the insured event, the insurer shall indemnify the insured in accordance with the provisions of the insurance contract for the arbitration or litigation expenses paid by the insured and other necessary and reasonable expenses paid with the prior written consent of the insurer。
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