Network Freight Carrier Liability Insurance
Customized product for the Internet freight operators
Coverage:cover the entire transportation risk(cargo insurance,logistics liability protection,and more)
What Is Network Freight Carrier Liability Insurance?
The insured is the "network freight operator" who has obtained the qualification of network freight. The insured shall be responsible for compensation according to the provisions of the insurance contract for the losses caused by the damage or loss of goods, theft, leakage, wrong delivery, loading and unloading, fire and explosion, natural disasters, extra unloading expenses, etc. during the period of the insured's network freight operation.
Applicable Object
Network freight Platform Enterprise(Must have network freight qualification)
Vehicle accident happened during the transport
(Collision,overturning,falling or collapse of tunnel,bridge and Terminal collapse)
Collision during transportation
Goods damage caused by extrusion, etc.
Loading and unloading personnel illegal loading and unloading and handling
Fire and burst
Rescue costs
Liability for shipments lost
Liability for additional unloading costs
Liability for prepaid compensation
Solution Highlights
Customers can choose additional Policy based on their own advantages
Prepaid compensation
No minimum premium
Risk Solution
Comprehensive Insurance Comparison Table
We promise: provide customers with detailed and comprehensive product introductions, customize appropriate
protection solutions for you, 24-hour customer service, and provide pre-sales, after-sales and claims services.
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